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Heritage Study Programs presents:

A Fact-Finding Expedition to Cyprus with Daniel Pipes

October 13 - 21, 2013

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Daniel Pipes

A Fact finding expedition to Cyprus

The Eastern Mediterranean has become a hotbed of activity as a result of two main developments:
(1) the discovery of vast gas and oil deposits and
(2) the increasingly aggressive Republic of Turkey under Islamist rule.

The two are connected, for prospects of perhaps finding a trillion dollars under the sea draws Greece, Cyprus, and Israel together, while inciting Turkish ambitions for the resources.

Daniel Pipes, president of the Middle East Forum will, along with experts from Cyprus and Israel, discuss the implications and ramifications of these critical issues in a fascinating expedition to Cyprus arranged in conjunction with the Thucydides Think Tank of Cyprus.

Please join us for a program that includes briefings, panel discussions, and visits to the Greek and Turkish sides of the island, including key political-military sites, geographic and cultural highlights, and some of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful beaches.

Neither mission, nor a tour, this is a fact-finding expedition to one of the Mediterranean Sea’s most attractive islands and an increasingly vital player in world affairs.